From Melbourne, VIC


by Jackie Smith

A Critical Stages and Finucane & Smith Production

 Previous Season:  2009 La Mama Theatre, Melbourne
 Genre:  Drama
 Duration:  75 minutes
 Suits:  Proscenium Arch, Black Box, Thrust
 Minimum Stage:  7m x 6m x 4m
 Touring:  2012

From internationally acclaimed, multi award winning creators Finucane & Smith comes the haunting and electrifying work hailed as “masterful… an Australian Gothic that defines the genre”.

The sheep farm is dilapidated. The farm house, dark and squalid, sits by the river, sheltering a mad old lady, and her isolated hard-drinking daughter. Memories are seeping through the floorboards. As the sun sets, the flood waters rise. The screen door bangs open in the rain and wind; Catherine has returned after 20 years. The past is here. Through the mesmerising friction between estranged sisters, fuelled by alcohol and uncertain memories of a long-dead father, three women are trapped with a past no one wants to remember.

Bristling with dark humour and edge-of-the-seat performances by three of our finest actresses, The Flood is startlingly authentic writing, plunging audiences into the lives of characters so real you feel you know them; a web of family intrigue against the haunting Australian outback.

“A dark and ingenious piece of Australian gothic” THE AGE

“Rare and compelling.” SUNDAY AGE

“The best new piece of theatre I have seen this year… See it. See it. See it.” AUS. THEATRE

“Smith’s handling of the gothic form is masterful. You have to see this, it’s Australian theatre that speaks from the heart of the country.” MCV

“Evocative, claustrophobic, and despite the dark themes often funny.” HERALD SUN

“Engrossing, heartbreaking, delicate and frightening.” ARTSHUB

Starring Shirley Cattunar, Maude Davey, Caroline Lee

Creative Producer Moira Finucane

Director Laurence Strangio

Designer Kathryn Sproul

Original Designers The Sisters Hayes

Lighting Designer Bronwyn Pringle

Sound Designer Natasha Anderson


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