Critical Stages and Virginia Hyam Produtions

Previous Season: Griffin Independent 2017
Genre:  Theatre, Cabaret, Comedy
Duration:  75 minutes, no interval
Suits:  Any space
Minimum Stage:  TBA
Available to Tour:  2018-2019

Written by Tommy Bradson
Director Sheridan Hardbridge
Designer Ashisha Cunningham
Lighting Designer Alexander Berlage
Musical Direction Steven Kreamer
With Tommy Brandson and Sheridan Harbridge

Part-vaudeville, part-cabaret, part-blood-bath, Nosferatutu is a musical meditation on art, beauty and solitude through the ages, in an orgy of bloodletting.

A ballet is about to begin. Backstage the dancer stretches. An usher closes the door and the lights make their slow descent to darkness. The air is electric, and the audience - hungry for show. The applause begins, and somewhere near the front, clapping so hard his hands hurt, is a vampire.

From the minds and mouths of multi-award winning raconteurs Sheridan Harbridge and Tommy Bradson, Nosferatutu is an outrageous and wild ride across the most sublime arias in history, gargled through a cocktail of human haematoma.

"Nosferatutu is full of joy and madness, meta-theatricality and genre in-jokes. On one level it's nonsense and hijinks, on another it's deconstructing theatre, the vampire and dance genres, storytelling, even gender." TimeOut Sydney

"Bradson is a reveleation of character, song and improvisational talent... Harbridge demonstrates spectacular talent for ropibng in the unexpected, and the more finessed components of physical comedy." Broadway World


Photography by Lucy Parakhina.

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