By Isabel Hertaeg

Previous Seasons: Regional Arts Victoria Tour, 2016
Melbourne Fringe, 2014
Nati Frinj Festival, 2013
La Mama, Explorations, 2013
Genre: Opera Cabaret
Duration:  75 minutes
Suits:  Any space
Minimum Stage:  TBA
Available to Tour:  2018

Written by Isabel Hertaeg
Directed by Don Bridges
Designer Derek Ives
With Isabel Hertaeg and Jo Abbott

Death By Soprano satirically catalogues operatic death scenes in an A-Z, cabaret romp through Operatic Occupational Hazards.

An operatic cabaret, the show uses slapstick, absurdism, dark-clowning and a healthy dose of prop-humour, portraying the final moments in the lives of operatic heroines.

The show caters for lovers of opera and classical music as well as those who have never been to an opera in their lives, particularly comedy, cabaret and festival audiences.


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